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5 Useful Automotive Shops Tips

If you want your auto repair shop to succeed, you need to make sure it is well managed. You can stay ahead of the game if you plan, execute, and use the right tools. The following are some helpful automotive shop tips.

  1. Improve technician productivity: Your automotive shop’s success is directly related to the competency and efficiency of your mechanics. Even for the most diligent technicians and service advisors, auto repair labor times can be challenging to deliver. Maintain job performance and profitability at a mechanic level so that everyone is aware of how they are doing. If necessary, bring in heaters or fans to maintain a comfortable temperature in your service bays.
  2. Invest in software to streamline your operations: Software can make all the difference to the success of your business. You will be able to focus on what really matters instead of tedious, repetitive tasks. Whenever you repeat the same question on the phone or manage your inventory for half a day, you’re losing time unnecessarily-and this is just the beginning. Customer appointments need to be scheduled, and mechanics need to be assigned jobs, vehicles need to be handed over after repairs have been completed, etc. There is a risk of chaos and overwhelm when it all comes together.
  3. Reduce technician turnover: There is a high rate of turnover among technicians in the automotive industry. Your service quality and reliability will be compromised if you hire new and inexperienced technicians who require guidance and coaching. It is also understandable that your customers will feel more comfortable in your shop if they see familiar faces every time they come in. Treat your technicians well and provide them with good benefits & perks to reduce attrition.
  4. Grow your business: As you maintain your garage’s engine, keep the momentum behind its growth going as well. To get ranked higher on search engines when prospective customers search for auto repair services in your area, build a clean and well-designed website, and work on its local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  5. Focus on customer experience: Whether it’s scheduling an appointment or dropping off a vehicle, make your customers’ journey as easy and convenient as possible. Unless you make things easy for them, they won’t bring their vehicle back to you a second time. Communicate professionally but in a friendly manner with your service advisors (and other customer-facing staff). Among other things, they should be taught how to handle unhappy customers.

You must keep up with the digital change and start using an automotive software platform that puts you on par and, better yet, ahead of your competitors due to the rapid growth of digital technology. These days, owning a vehicle has become a necessity, but its operation and maintenance have become increasingly complex.

Through a platform, some of those challenges will be reduced by better communication through a range of channels, including live in-app booking, inspection approvals, and payment. The owners of automotive shops are all looking for a way to maintain their shops without any flaws.

The majority of people prefer to work with an auto repair shop they trust rather than just using any shop. Make sure your auto repair shop is one of those trusted ones. The automotive shop tips above should help you maintain and start up your own business.


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