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It is a necessity for every business to have a website, and a blog is what works in siphoning targeted traffic to a website. There is no doubt that a blog is a simple tool that possesses a great deal of power.

As a result, it’s wiser to leave it to those with a lot of experience in the blogging world. Using these five steps, you can outsource your blog to freelancers and get the most out of it to build your brand and attract customers.

1. Getting a Word Press Website Designed

The most popular blogging and web development platform is WordPress. It is, therefore, the most flexible and user-friendly system, with an infinite number of customization options as a result. If you would like your website to be completely unique, you could hire a WordPress website developer who can create a custom theme for you.

Blog posts can be boosted in search engine rankings by using WordPress’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins. You can also use it when creating an automated chat window for your website if you are a chatbot developer.

2. Content Strategy Research Outsourcing

Blogs require not just any content, but content that conveys your message to your target audience. If blogging is the method you will use to attract visitors to your site, then you will need to develop a content strategy to do so. You can create a plan to outline each topic your blog will cover, based on the research you have done into your competitors, search engine keywords, and the history of your company.

Content strategists understand how search engines view blogs and can do this research for you and examine your blog. The title of each blog post is crafted way in advance so that your blog charts the right course.

3. Blog writers with Experience

Blog posts are churned out quickly by freelance blog writers. Using your voice and style guidelines, they will write in a way that reflects your brand’s best interests. They can also follow a specific brief provided by your content strategist to give your audience valuable content.

If you want to hire a good blog writer, you should check out their portfolios and identify one with expertise in your business’s industry or niche. It is also possible to outsource this hiring process to your content strategist as another option.

4. The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Blogger

All work requires a second eye, even if you’re working with a great scribe. It is possible to hire a virtual freelance editor who will proofread your blog posts once they have been written by your content writer.

It is even possible to have your editor act as a go-between for your writer and content strategist when outsourcing your blog so that you don’t have to manage your virtual team members every step of the way

5. Utilize public relations services

Virtualization and digitization in business and marketing have changed the world of public relations. With the Internet changing faster than you can blink, it is best to leave your content distribution to Internet marketing experts who have proven web presence.

Investing in social media ads, working with a social media marketing agency, and working with a social media influencer are some examples of leveraging modern public relations services.


The process of outsourcing your blog isn’t as simple as hiring a writer and a tech. One of the biggest pitfalls that many companies fall into when it comes to blogging is outsourcing only a portion of the process. As your blog is a cog in the machine of your company, every aspect of it needs to be taken into consideration. These five steps can serve as vague guidelines for getting your hands on experts who can turn your vision into reality.

In addition, you can outsource reporting and analytics to keep track of how your blog affects your bottom line impact.

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