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Blog Redesign

It is easy for your blog to become stale and collect dust over time. If it happens to you, you’ll know. When you open your dashboard, you can see it.

·        The traffic to your website is down because you haven’t posted in a long time

·        The headers and graphics that you added a year ago look dated now that they have been updated

·        Plugins for social media do not work on this website

·        Navigating the website is difficult

There are many more to mention. It may be time to give your blog the facelift it deserves if you find yourself relating to any of these examples.

How Do You Get Started?

The first step to getting started is deciding how much or how little you want to change. A new look would be created from scratch, or you could update only a few things, like your fonts and web graphics, rather than revamp the entire look. You decide where you want to focus your attention. You may feel overwhelmed by the workload, and the task may seem challenging. It’s okay to ask for help!

Throughout the process, Fiverr will guide you. With Fiverr, you can create a dedicated team of writers, designers, and developers to turn your website into the blog you’ve always wanted, without the stress of doing it yourself. A few tips on how to relaunch your blog and how Fiverr experts can assist you.

Customize Your Website

Website customization can get tricky and will easily frustrate you with what seems like the simplest of tasks. Why not leave it to the professionals? Whether you want to create a brand-new website, or need help migrating to a new platform, you can hire a web builder to ensure a seamless transition.

Many freelancers offer services using specific platforms, such as WordPress. Don’t forget to specify in your searches if you have a particular homesite in mind. Fiverr programming experts will also build landing pages, install themes and plugins, manage scripts, fix bugs, handle security, and customize just about anything you need.

Modernize Your Look

Okay, so the two-year-old theme you’ve been using on your blog needs to be updated. But if you consider how quickly trends evolve and change, you’ll want to be sure yours doesn’t look out of date.

‍Hire a web design expert to change your entire theme or upgrade your existing one to a more visually appealing, modern aesthetic. Fiverr offers professional services in Graphics and Design for all types of blogs and websites. You can also find designers to create inviting banner ads and social media graphics.

Update or Create New Content

It is crucial to provide valuable content on your website, but it can be time-consuming and sometimes challenging. Everything you write on the blog, landing page, about me section, and any other page, needs to include SEO-friendly keywords and phrases to receive the coveted high rankings in Google Search.

Take advantage of our top-notch writing services to create rich and compelling articles that Google will love. Find a freelancer to write professional blog posts, or have them rework and update old ones. If you have e-commerce, find a writer who specializes in custom product descriptions.

A professionally-written product page will catch your readers’ attention, enticing them to click the buy button.

Benefit from Marketing

You must market your blog to gain new readers, generate traffic, or make sales. The great thing is, Fiverr offers digital marketing services to upgrade every part of your website:

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Content Marketing

·        Email Marketing

·        E-Commerce Marketing

·        SEO

·        Web Traffic


Which brand of marketing will you benefit from the most right now? If web traffic has been a significant issue for you, start there by hiring an expert to promote your website and target the right audiences. If you want to focus on marketing your e-commerce, hire an expert to grow sales and ramp up your efforts on platforms like Shopify and Amazon.


It’s tough to find time to keep your website current, and churning out the results you want is even harder. There are many moving parts to managing a successful blog, and it can be challenging to stay on point with all of them. Scale your blog with Fiverr today. Leave the bulk of the workload to the experts at Fiverr.

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