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Business writing (also known as technical writing) is often overlooked when it comes to marketing and branding a small business. There is a risk of making a big mistake by doing that. To remain competitive in the marketplace, technical writing must be concise, accurate, and intriguing.

However, it can be difficult for small businesses to know where to begin, which is why we have done the work for you. In this article, we look at four common uses for technical writing that can help prepare your own business for success.

1. Websites

Technical writing is primarily used on your website because it aims to educate, engage, and persuade visitors to purchase your product. It is important to use language that is both informative and, most importantly, resonates with your audience. Everything from your product descriptions to your “About Us” page falls under this category. When it comes to establishing credibility online, every word counts.

It is sometimes necessary to include industry terms in service descriptions, but they shouldn’t be overly complicated. Those looking for web development services can quickly find what they need on the “About Us” page. In order to save time and resources, enlist the assistance of a professional technical writer.

2. Promotional printed materials

In addition to your website, brochures, business cards, and flyers usually include technical writing. You can explain your business to people in seconds through printed materials, and they can reach out to you if they are interested. Your business value proposition is conveyed through technical writing.

A good example of technical writing can be found in the company’s brochure. What you do, how you do it, where you operate, and what your selling proposition is are all explained in the document. Considering the limited space on a printed document, every word counts, and this brochure utilizes industry-specific language. You have to practice choosing the right wording for each type of marketing material. However, if done properly, they can lead to new sales and clients for your business.

3. User guides and instructions

Instructive guides and user manuals typically come to mind when you hear “technical writing.” Explaining how to use or install a product effectively calls for terminology that anyone can understand. Your guides and manuals are more useful to your clients when they strike this balance between technical language and accessibility.

As an example, all of your products can come with extensive user manuals. In addition to being detailed, they should also be easy to follow. There is no need for a customer to spend a lot of time understanding what the product is about. The manuals also help the customer quickly understand how to use them, which is what all manuals and instructional guides can hope to accomplish. It is a great idea to hire a technical writer with industry experience if you need a document written quickly and well.

4. Articles, white papers, and blogs

Articles based on research, such as white papers, are inherently technical in nature. Creating an effective white paper requires the right combination of business terms and making your point. You should also publish technical articles and blogs by your business that are easy to comprehend as well as clear. Your business becomes legitimate when you understand industry lingo, use it to inform and educate your audience, and discuss relevant trends.

The terms you use in the industry may seem familiar to you, but they may be unfamiliar to your readers. In order to develop valuable content, you should provide as much context and explanation as possible. For instance, a guide to responsive web design should give all the necessary information regarding the design of responsive websites. An explanation of why such a design is important should be included. This would be a great resource for those looking for quality articles about this topic and demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuous learning.


The marketing plan of any business should include technical writing. You can quickly convey your unique offering to your audience if you incorporate language, statistics, and guides into your printed and digital marketing materials. You can use this approach to build trust with your clients and become a valuable resource for them.

Consider outsourcing your writing to an expert if you’re not good at it. If you want to make the best impression, you must get your technical writing right the first time.

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