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Edit TikTok Videos

Among social media platforms, TikTok may be one of the newest, but it’s growing rapidly. When used correctly, TikTok views can significantly increase visibility and reach for your brand. If you’re considering joining the TikTok train, check out these easy video editing tips.

TikTok video editing tips

Micro-videos on TikTok can be spiced up with various gadgets for editing. You can start using TikTok by opening the app. Five icons will appear at the bottom of the screen: Home, Discover, Create, Inbox, and Profile. Start editing your videos by clicking “Create” or the plus sign (“+”).

Use the countdown timer to give yourself enough time to prepare

Do you record yourself using TikTok? To get yourself positioned in front of the camera, it’s always helpful to have a little buffer space. Using the countdown timer is an easy way to accomplish this.

·        Open TikTok and click “+” or “Create”

·        Select the stopwatch icon (on the right-hand side, third from the bottom).

·        Set the countdown to 3 seconds or 10 seconds

·        Drag the timer to set your video recording limit (you can only record 15 seconds at a time with the countdown timer)

·        Get to work by clicking the red “Start Countdown” button

Beauty mode enhances

When it comes to filming yourself, you may feel a little insecure. Applying a little digital TLC to your skin makes you feel more confident when filming, so do what will make you feel best if it makes you feel more confident. You can essentially turn on a light beauty mode by using Enhance. You won’t look different after using Enhance, but it will soften your skin’s texture and lighten dark circles under your eyes by adding a small amount of blur. Here’s how to use it:

·        Open TikTok and click “+” or “Create”

·        Click the third icon from the top that looks like a magic wand and says Enhance in the vertical column of icons on the right

·        By clicking on the magic wand, you can switch Enhance on or off

Make your effects dramatic and fun

To enhance the creativity of their videos, TikTok users use dramatic and fun effects extensively. How to use effects:

·        Go to TikTok and click “+” or “Create”

·        At the bottom left of the screen, tap the Effects button

·        Explore Trending effects, new effects, Appearance effects (add freckles or makeup, change your eye color), plus more to enhance your creativity.

Also, glitches and split screens can be used for simpler, camera-based effects. Here’s how:

·        Go to TikTok and click “+” or “Create”

·        Tap the red checkmark to upload or record your content

·        At the bottom of the screen, click the Effects icon

·        Make use of different visuals (smog, rain, bling, film), motions (add wings or doodles), transitions (tv glitches, scrolling, circle swirls), split screens, and time effects (reverse, slow-mo.) to make your video stand out.

By adding captions to your videos, you can make them more accessible

Your TikTok videos become more inclusive and accessible by adding captions if there is a dialogue in the video. Watching the video with captions or subtitles allows users to follow along without the sound. Here’s how:

·        Tap “+” or “Create” on TikTok

·        Tap the red checkmark to upload or record your content

·        Tap the Captions icon (the third icon from the bottom) and TikTok will automatically hear the dialogue and create captions for it

·        Check that the translated words are correct in the captions

·        You can edit your captions if you notice any inconsistencies by clicking the pencil icon

Sound enhances your video

When editing videos for TikTok, adding sound is crucial. A video can be improved with music and sound effects to make it more humorous, serene, or whatever emotion you want your viewers to feel. Adding and editing sound in TikTok is as follows:

·        Activate the app by clicking “+” or “Create”

·        Tap the red checkmark to upload or record your content

·        At the bottom of the screen, click the Sounds icon

·        Check out Recommended songs or songs that you’ve already chosen as favorites

·        Click “More” to explore different genres like hip hop, electronic, TikTok Viral songs, emerging artists, and more

·        After selecting a song, click the Scissors icon to select a particular section by dragging and moving the waveforms to fit the desired section

TikTok users believe you’re more likely to gain exposure if you use trending songs. You should be able to do this if you can! If not, don’t worry about it. Find a song that best fits the vibe and aesthetic of your video instead.

Learn how to edit videos on TikTok

You can edit videos on TikTok by following these simple tips. You can make your content by working hard and being consistent. The Fiverr marketplace is a great place to find TikTok tutors and content creators who can help strategize and come up with creative content for your brand.

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