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It is estimated that email marketing has an average return on investment of $38 for every dollar spent. The fact that all these statistics are so encouraging, however, can sometimes give the impression that email marketing is dead. Email campaigns have been found to be unsuccessful in some cases, with unusually low open rates and poor ROIs, and when this occurs, it is convenient to attribute the failure to the medium. It is not often the marketing channel itself that is the problem, but rather the manner in which the message is delivered.

In this article, we discuss why email marketing and automation are vital components of your overall marketing strategy, and how to utilize them effectively.

A brief introduction to email marketing and automation

Using email as a channel for digital marketing is known as email marketing. An e-mail marketing campaign involves the use of email to market a business’ products and services to prospective customers and existing customers. One of the most effective ways to convert prospects into customers is through email marketing campaigns. These campaigns can convert once-time buyers into loyal fans of a company.

Automation of email is a technique that simplifies, increases efficiency, and improves the personalization of email marketing with less effort. With the use of marketing automation tools, you can spend time- or action-triggered emails at the right time to the right people with the right message. Whether you automate emails to welcome customers to your mailing list, remind them that they placed something in their cart but did not complete the checkout process, or offer them a special discount on their birthday, automated emails can be anything from a welcome series to a birthday offer.

The key to successful email automation

Despite the fact that email marketing is not dead, some of the practices associated with email marketing are certainly outdated and can result in regretting even investing in emails. Typically, when this occurs, it is the content or the messaging, rather than the channel itself, which is responsible. The following instructions will assist you in using email automation effectively.

Make content a priority

The automation of your emails does not mean that you should neglect the quality of your content. Regardless of how personalized or timely your messages may be, if the content is not valuable, customers will not be motivated to take action. You should ensure that the content you provide is relevant and provides value to the customer, and you should make regular changes based on what is or is not working.

Select the appropriate triggers

Attempting to automate every aspect of your email communications without having a clear understanding of your goals will probably harm your marketing efforts rather than assist them. It is therefore important that you send timely and relevant messages to your customers, as well as explain what you expect from them. As an example, when your customers subscribe to your email list for the first time, you should send them a welcome email or series of emails. Furthermore, you have the option to send them special offers based on specific triggers, such as festivals and events. A customer leaving your website without making a purchase or placing items in their cart without making a purchase is another effective trigger for e-commerce businesses. This may be an appropriate time to send a reminder email to nudge them toward completing their purchase.

It is important to test and revise

Your work does not end once you have established your email workflows. It is possible for some emails to work, while others may not. Regularly review your automation and make adjustments in response to the types of content, subject lines, offers, etc., which best convert customers or elicit a response from them. The most important step is to complete this one. The risk of your customer objecting to what you send is always present if you create your email sequences and then forget about them.

Here are some tips for getting started

With Fiverr’s email automation freelancers, you are able to do everything from setting up tools and workflows to creating content customized to meet your needs. Check out Fiverr’s “Email Marketing Automation” section and browse the freelancers listed there to find one who best fits your requirements.

In Conclusion

When it comes to automating your emails, can be a daunting task if you have never done it before. To optimize your campaigns, you must understand how the tool works, set up automation workflows and triggers, create the content, and perform regular optimizations. In the event that you do not possess the expertise on your team to do these tasks, or you do not have the resources to hire a full-time employee to handle these tasks, you should consider hiring a freelancer.

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