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Facebook Marketing: Are Facebook Ads Worth It for B2B?

Due to a number of reasons, Facebook marketing is not at the top of the list for B2B marketers at the moment. As Facebook’s organic reach declines over time, it has become more of a platform for personal communication than a social network.

Young people are increasingly turning to Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc., while their interest in Facebook is waning. However, B2B audiences are actively using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In spite of the fact that Facebook is more popular among B2C marketers, statistics indicate that it is equally relevant to B2B marketers.

Facebook B2B Marketing Tips

While Facebook is more popular than other social networking sites, it has a highly engaged audience that is more likely to share, comment, or like a post, thereby increasing your post’s reach. Furthermore, it provides you with a scale that no other platform can match. Below are a few tips for implementing an effective Facebook B2B marketing campaign:

1. Join Facebook groups and communities to find potential leads

In terms of B2B demand generation, Facebook Communities and Groups are very powerful. A B2B audience is pressed for time and prefers to engage with content that is valuable to them. Creating Facebook Communities and Groups around specific topics (or content) can inspire them and provide you with a highly segmented and interested audience. Using Facebook Groups for B2B Demand Generation is as simple as following these steps:

  • Promote your products by using Facebook Groups to promote content, events, webinars, and demos.
  • The name and description of your group should be aligned with keywords specific to your industry or product.
  • Make use of scheduling tools to ensure that the community is active and that your audience is always able to access interesting content.
  • Become a member of related groups and communities in order to add value to your content, promote your content, and gain a deeper understanding of the preferences of your target audience. Cross-promotion is an excellent strategy for capturing the interest of common audiences.
  • For your upcoming campaigns, you can use such groups to populate your email lists.
  • Build professional and personal relationships with your Facebook community.

2. Use Facebook Messenger to engage

Facebook Messenger and chatbots can reduce friction and function as an extension of your marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives. The following are some of the benefits of Facebook Messenger:

  • This service is available both in-app and in-browser, and the conversation history is linked to your Facebook account, making it seamless to communicate with your client, regardless of whether he is at the office or traveling.
  • Using bots, you can nurture your leads through automated chat sequences, making messenger a powerful channel for push advertising.
  • It is possible to turn professional relationships into personal ones by directly connecting with your customers and addressing their queries and concerns on a one-to-one basis.

3. Facebook ads can be used to target new users

The targeting options offered by Facebook Ads for B2B marketing are extensive. In addition to building awareness, boosting traffic, generating leads, and driving conversions, you can use them to create campaigns. Despite the fact that LinkedIn offers more specific opportunities for targeting based on company or title, Facebook’s optimization algorithm is superior. Facebook Ads allow you to:

  • You should target your audience based on their demographics, job titles, behaviors, and preferences.
  • Utilize information from a prospect’s Facebook profile to create lead ads.
  • Collect prospect information in order to feed your email list and provide warm leads to your sales team.
  • Utilize targeted marketing to promote local businesses.
  • Manage the budget, scheduling, target audience, and creation of ads.

4. Using Facebook Pixels to measure, retarget, and remarket

A successful Facebook B2B marketing strategy includes tracking conversions – from submission forms to sales pages – and tweaking your marketing actions to retarget and remarket. Facebook Pixel can be used to track customer actions and optimize conversions. What Pixel can do for your Facebook B2B marketing campaign is as follows:

  • Track conversions by adding them to your website
  • Analyze cross-device conversions
  • Ensure that ads are delivered to prospects who are likely to take action
  • Your website visitors can be segmented into custom audiences
  • Utilize remarketing to make your targeted ads appear on a variety of websites in order to encourage customers to return

5. Create brand awareness with Facebook Business Pages

In addition to piquing prospects’ (and customers’) interest, Facebook Business Pages are a great way to inform them about your company and products. By creating product pages or Facebook Business Pages, you can increase awareness about your brand (or products) and provide information about the features, benefits, and offers of your products.

However, since the organic reach is difficult for business pages, what can you do? According to Facebook’s algorithm, posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions among users are prioritized. In order to reach a wider audience:

  • Engage your audience with compelling content that includes visuals like GIFs, videos, etc.
  • As public events are searchable, Facebook will recommend them to users based on their geographic location.
  • By tagging co-hosts and inviting guests, you can extend the reach of your events or posts.
  • You may wish to include polls or surveys with a clear call to action to like, comment, or share your posts. If your original audience engages with your content, their activity will be visible to their Facebook circle(s), thereby increasing reach.


It is understandable that B2B marketers shy away from Facebook marketing since LinkedIn is such a successful platform for professionals. Nevertheless, Facebook offers the right tools to reach out to your target audience and, more importantly, scale up for an impactful outreach. Following the above tips can assist you in creating an effective Facebook B2B marketing campaign if you intend to use Facebook for B2B marketing.

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