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Hiring a Freelancer vs Digital Marketing Agency


Almost all businesses today rely on digital marketing. Online social platforms, email marketing, and website SEO are ever-changing virtual seas that both large and small businesses must master.

The advantages of digital marketing agencies are undeniable, especially for big businesses, but smaller companies often benefit more from digital marketing freelancers. In the following paragraphs, find out why freelancers are a better fit for your brand.

The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Freelancer

As small business owners, freelancers have four fundamental advantages over digital marketing agencies.

1. The price

There is no doubt that the cost difference between hiring a freelancer or a digital marketing agency is the greatest reason for hiring a freelancer.

There is more than one person in a digital marketing agency; they are a team. It is not uncommon for digital marketing agencies to consist of more than one team. You’re therefore paying for the services of multiple people when you hire a digital marketing agency, and some larger agencies even have overhead expenses for administrative assistants, upper management, and office space.

The minimum account budget is also common among digital marketing companies. Before the agency can even begin working with you, you may have to sign up for a $4,000 monthly commitment or larger.

In contrast, freelancers charge a fraction of what a full-service digital agency does. The costs of hiring an agency may be too high for small businesses. There is, however, a wide range of prices available for freelance digital marketers. Freelancers can charge anywhere from tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, based on the needs and budget of your business.

2. Adaptability

Compared to digital marketing agencies, freelancers are much more flexible.

Multiple clients will often be served by a digital marketing agency at the same time. Consequently, the agency will need to plan out multiple project timetables so their team members can utilize them to their full potential. As a result, their schedules become stricter. Should you change your marketing budget or plan halfway through a project, the agency may refuse to accommodate your request or charge you extra to compensate for scope changes.

The freelancer, on the other hand, is flexible. You may be the only client a freelancer has currently, or at least one of a small number. A freelancer is more likely to adapt on the fly without complaint if you need last-minute changes to your marketing plan.

If the scope of your project or budget changes, you can usually hire a freelancer to do extra work for no additional charge. Also, ongoing work is subject to the same rules. The workload, strategies, and budget can be altered based on campaign analytics on a week-by-week basis.

3. Focus

Generally, the larger a digital marketing agency is, the less attention it will devote to you and your business, particularly if your business is relatively small compared to its majority clientele. It doesn’t mean that the work will be inferior, but the larger the agency you work with, the less control you will have over your marketing campaign. Several agency team members may be working on your project, yet you may never see or speak with most of them.

In contrast, a freelancer allows you to control and communicate as much as you desire. In addition to thriving off of client feedback, freelancers are also capable of leading their projects. Hiring a freelancer will allow you to communicate directly with the person who controls your brand’s image.

4. Professionalism

Freelancers often have the most expertise in digital marketing, which may surprise you.

The team of marketers at a digital marketing agency is comprised of experienced marketers who have worked with numerous clients, perhaps even big-name brands. The question is, does the agency have the best people to work on your brand? Do they know anything about SEO or email marketing? They may be experts in digital advertising, but do they know anything about digital advertising? Honestly, who knows? Do you have a way of finding out?

In conclusion

Digital marketing freelancers, especially those on the Fiverr Marketplace, can help you find and hire marketing experts who are experts in the type of marketing you need. Are you looking for a local SEO expert? Are you looking for an influencer to promote your product? Or your social media pages can be blown up by a social media marketing master. No matter what expertise you need, there’s a freelancer on Fiverr who can help.

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