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5 Home Business Ideas For E-Book Authors

Each individual has a passion and expertise for music, art, writing, coaching, etc. The easiest and most effective way to monetize your skills is to sell e-books.

As e-books become more and more popular, their demand is snowballing. As a result, the e-book business is very profitable. You can sell e-books from the comfort of your own home with no or little initial investment. E-books are books in electronic form. Currently, the market for e-books is expanding rapidly.

1. Create a book blog or podcast

The popularity of book blogs is growing among readers and writers who want to promote their books. Due to the crowded marketplace, you will need to find a way to stand out. Choosing a specific niche (i.e., dystopian novels or cozy mysteries) or a market group (i.e., best books for pre-teens) can help you narrow down your options.

A podcast or videocast is another option for delivering your book reviews and other information. Alternatively, you might combine options, such as blogging and podcasting.

2. Review books for a living

You can earn money reading and reviewing books, but you must be patient and diligent. Creating a book blog would be the best way to start (see above on creating a book blog). You will not only gain practice but will also have a portfolio of your work to show to media outlets that pay.

3. Provide editing services

The publishing industry has been completely transformed by Amazon. Despite the lack of agents and traditional publishers, authors can now publish their books with little investment. The authors, however, need assistance in making their books readable. Due to this, editors are in greater demand.
In order to be an editor, you need to have a strong command of the language, grammar, and writing styles of the genre of books you want to edit (i.e., the Chicago Manual of Style). Providing basic copy editing involves correcting grammar and punctuation. Line editing also considers paragraph structure, flow, and word choice. Lastly, there’s developmental editing, which involves evaluating the content. Is the story well-written, are the characters well-developed, is the pacing appropriate, etc.

4. Become a publisher

Despite wanting to publish their books, many writers don’t have the time or knowledge to do so. This is where publishing services come in. Among the services you can provide are:

  • Revision
  • Ebook and print formatting
  • Design of the cover

While you operate as the project manager and CEO, you can hire contractors to perform these tasks if you lack the skills or knowledge.

5. Be a writer

According to statistics, 81 percent of people have a book inside of them, but only 1 percent write it. Perhaps you’re one percent of the population who wants to share their stories or knowledge. There are better ways to make a living than being an author. In reality, most books don’t sell 5,000 copies, and for many authors, it’s a lot less, especially when self-publishing. Writing books can be profitable with a great story, a marketing plan that reaches your target market, and a well-written and well-prepared manuscript.

When it comes to selling your books, you have several options. Alternatively, you can pitch publishers directly with a proposal (non-fiction) or synopsis (fiction) and a query. A number of accessible and affordable e-book and print book services let you self-publish your book. The last option is to work with a hybrid publishing company, which offers both services.

Hybrid companies provide editors, cover designers, and marketing experts to authors who pay for hybrid services.

Every person has an author within them. It is only a few who put it into words. It might be easier for you to start a home business of e-books if you are among those few who have a passion for writing and good writing skills.

An e-book business might be profitable for you if you have a well-written and prepared story and a wise marketing plan.


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