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A Quick Guide on How To Start Bakery Store Online

In addition to being an in-person experience, bakeries are now online as well. Bakeries are increasingly moving their business online – partly due to the pandemic, which forced them to pivot to eCommerce, but also due to advances in packaging and transportation.

In general, now is a great time to start an online bakery, but figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. With the help of this article, you will be guided through every step of setting up your store, so all you need to worry about is which cake to choose: chocolate or red velvet. Follow this quick guide in order to know how to start a bakery store online.

1. Your baked goods deserve to be showcased

Your eCommerce store will need to be populated with your baked goods after you’ve decided on your brand and set it up. Your products need to appeal to your target market when it comes to showcasing them.

2. Make sure you have the proper licenses

Make sure your online bakery is legal first. It wouldn’t make sense to invest time, effort, and money into something only to be shut down or fined. Find out more about what is commonly called “cottage food laws” by visiting the Department of Health website for your state. Depending on your state’s cottage food laws, your home may be able to make food for sale, or you may need an official location.

3. Set up an online store

Having an eCommerce store allows you to sell your products to a wide audience without the need for a brick-and-mortar store.

Your online bakery can be set up using various eCommerce platforms that are easy-to-use, customizable, and available with fixed pricing plans to suit every budget. Additionally, they often provide extensive help and support, so you don’t have to be a technical expert to run your store successfully.

4. Identify your niche

Finding your niche is important for any business. Why are you different from the hundreds of other online bakeries that are already out there, and what makes you stand out from the rest? It is essential to think about what you can offer potential customers that others cannot. There needs to be a USP (unique selling proposition) and a brand that will attract people to your business.

5. Make your brand stand out

Building a brand is one of the most important steps in creating your own online bakery. What comes to mind when you hear the names of your favorite bakeries and brands? Colors, branding, and logos make them stand out from the crowd and make them easy to identify.

6. Your baked goods should be packaged and shipped

The packaging of your online bakery may not seem exciting, but it is one of the most crucial aspects. Your packaging and shipping methods will affect the condition in which your products arrive.

What if your customers ordered delicious-looking baked goods online, only to receive smashed-up birthday cakes? Customer reviews and feedback could be impacted by this, which could have a major impact on your brand’s reputation.

7. Make sure your baked goods are priced fairly

A bakery’s price is one of the critical factors that determine its success. A price that’s too high will lead people to look for a cheaper alternative – and a price that’s too low will leave you barely breaking even, let alone making a profit.

You and your customers must be treated fairly when setting a price for your baked goods. Overpaying or being conned is not what people want. However, you want to make sure the money you receive reflects the time and effort you put into creating your goods – if they do, they won’t become repeat customers.

It can be a great idea to open an online bakery as a way to reach a broader audience than can be reached by traditional bakeries. As the baked goods market is only set to grow in the coming years, now is the perfect time to take a leap of faith. By following this guide, you’ll surely know how to start a bakery store online perfectly.

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