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Lead Generation: Can a CRM Generate Leads?

There is no doubt that every business wishes to ensure that they have a consistent source of quality leads in order to generate revenue. Many people do not realize how CRM can help you generate more qualified leads – with this knowledge they are more likely to convert.

Generally, a lead is an individual who expresses interest in the product or service of a company. This is a very vague statement that causes a great deal of confusion in most cases. To gain a clear understanding of these leads, it is necessary to define them in more detail.

Leads can originate from a variety of sources, including an opt-in form on your website, a phone call, a referral at a networking event, or someone you meet at a trade show. However, not all of these leads are hot – in many cases, they are only seeking to make a connection, they have not been qualified, so you do not want to waste your time on leads who are not interested. It is at this point that a CRM solution can be very useful, especially when it is linked to your marketing and sales efforts.

Automated Marketing

Obviously, no one is able to work 24 hours a day, but that does not mean that your business has to stop because it is outside your normal business hours. Using an integrated CRM and marketing tool, you can automate your marketing campaigns while you are sleeping. Imagine if a prospect were to visit your e-commerce store and add an item to their cart, but then get distracted and abandon the purchase.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your system could automatically send an email to that client informing them that the cart has been updated?  You may also share the answers to FAQs in a follow-up email that is fully automated if you are aware of them.

Cleaning and Building Your Mailing List

 It is the same with your CRM. You have probably heard the adage “garbage in, garbage out.”. In the event that the information in your database is outdated, incorrect, or missing, your sales will be lower and your employees will be more frustrated.

It is the goal of every business to have an active and engaged list of subscribers. It’s understandable that people may change jobs or positions due to life’s circumstances. What can you do to keep up with this situation?  Make sure your data is cleaned – for example, we use a tool called InsideView that allows us to not only verify the contacts in our database but also find the right people within their organizations.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

In order to fully understand all the ways in which your clients and prospects interact with your business, you should look beyond traditional methods and consider your digital footprint as well. By using a CRM and marketing solution, you can see how your leads interact with your business and, in some cases, discover what attracts them.

As an example, if a prospect signs up for a webinar from a social media post your marketing department made, and then views 2-3 key pages about your business and services. When your sales team contacts the prospect, they can tailor the conversation to the specific needs of the prospect. This will result in a more qualified lead.


You can improve your business profits by identifying, attracting, tracking, nurturing, and converting your leads using the right CRM tool. You may find it challenging to find the right CRM tool for your marketing and sales needs if you are new to CRM software.

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