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Lead Generation: Can I Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

It is important for a company to focus on lead generation if it wishes to generate consistent and reliable revenue. Various sales and marketing tactics are employed by organizations in order to generate leads (as we will discuss shortly). There is no doubt that establishing a well-defined sales and marketing process is essential in one way or another. The purpose of this article is to assist you in determining the best method to conduct such a search on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Why Should You Use It?

In a recent report, 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to generate leads, and 62% claim it generates them leads, which is more than twice the next most popular social channel.

It has become vital for marketers to connect with the right audience and report accurate results, and with LinkedIn’s powerful professional targeting filters and in-depth analytics, you can accomplish both.

Buyer’s Journeys are Changing

Today, the B2B buyer process is becoming increasingly complex. A greater number of stakeholders are involved in the process on average, making it longer and more self-directed. Additionally, different departments within an account influence purchase decision, not just different individuals. According to our research, anywhere between 3.1 and 4.6 groups can exert influence in an organization, such as IT, finance, and human resources. A long-term perspective and cultivating trust with the goal of building relationships are smart strategies in this environment.

Choose LinkedIn for your B2B Needs

Due to the complexity and weight of B2B purchase decisions, stakeholders often look to experts for guidance. According to data, an average buyer consumes approximately seven to ten pieces of content before making a decision; LinkedIn hosts over 575 million professionals, including 2.8 million decision-makers and 260,000 executive leaders. By sharing meaningful and insightful content with this community, professionals around the world and across industries are participating in this conversation.

Creating Leads with Thought Leadership

Thought leadership content contributes to the development of strategic brand awareness, but that is not its sole purpose. It is also important to note that, when executed effectively, this type of content can directly impact lead generation since it is of considerable importance to the various decision-makers and influencers mentioned above.

A study found that 74% of buyers preferred to engage with a company that added value first during the purchase process. Therefore, there is immense value in delivering information and guidance that meets a prospect’s needs and addresses their concerns. In this regard, LinkedIn can be a valuable resource for your thought leadership campaign.

Lead Generation Using Conversion Tracking

It is possible to obtain a more comprehensive view of advertising performance by utilizing LinkedIn’s Conversion Tracking than even Google Analytics is capable of providing. Additionally, they measure post-view events (for example, a visitor views an advertisement, visits your website, and converts later) in addition to post-click events (for example, a visitor clicks an ad and visits your website).

The most sophisticated marketers are aware that lead generation campaigns do not always involve turning an unfamiliar customer into a lead immediately. Even if the viewer does not convert immediately, advertising can have a positive impact on your business.


Having covered the fundamentals of LinkedIn branding, you will be able to make a significant impact with your lead generation on the world’s largest professional network. With your lead generation efforts, you should place an emphasis on quality over quantity. Identify the most prevalent and consistent characteristics among your customers and convert leads, then construct personas based on these characteristics.

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