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Lead Generation: Can Salesforce Be Used for Lead Generation?

The art and science of lead generation go hand in hand. It was once the responsibility of sales representatives to introduce new products and services to customers. However, because today’s consumers have access to such an abundance of information, they are much less receptive to cold-call sales pitches. A strong internet presence is an effective method of generating new leads for modern businesses.

By using Salesforce, you can generate leads, evaluate them, manage them, and route them to sales representatives. There are a number of great resources on Salesforce that can assist you in learning all about growing your business through lead generation.

Leads: What Are They?

In a nutshell, a lead can be defined as anyone who indicates an interest in a company’s products or services in any way, shape, or form. Leads generally hear from a company after opening communication (by submitting personal information for an offer, trial, or subscription) … rather than receiving a cold call from someone who purchased their contact information.

Let us suppose that you take an online survey to learn more about how to properly maintain your vehicle. The auto company that created the survey sent you an email a few days later regarding how they can assist you with your vehicle’s maintenance. This would be far less intrusive than if they called you out of the blue with no knowledge of whether you even care about car maintenance, wouldn’t it? Here is what it is like to be a leader.

In addition, from a business perspective, the information the auto company gathers about you from your survey responses allows them to personalize that initial contact to address your specific needs – without wasting time calling leads who have no interest in auto service.


If you are not already blazing trails on Trailhead, you should get out there as soon as possible. With Trailhead, you can learn everything about Salesforce at your own pace. In addition, it is free to use. There are several trials and modules that discuss the lead generation and related topics. To begin, consider the following:

1. Using essentials to sell better

Working with and converting leads using Salesforce Essentials, which brings the power of CRM to Trailblazers in Small Businesses.

2. Identify the best leads

Discover how Sales Cloud Einstein uses artificial intelligence to help you target the most qualified leads.

3. Lead generation through Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Here is a complete guide to using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Salesforce’s marketing automation tool, to convert website visitors into sales leads.

4. An introduction to opportunities and leads

Learn how Salesforce handles opportunities and leads, as part of a larger series covering how CRM can assist your business.

Documentation for Salesforce

1. Why should you use leads?

Discover some of the advantages of using lead generation, such as the ability to maintain two separate lists – one for prospective customers and one for existing customers.

2. Make your sales team more productive by generating leads from your website

When you set up Web-to-Lead, Salesforce will capture the contact information of prospects who provide it. Alternatively, you can redirect prospects to other web pages that are essential to the success of your campaign.

3. Lead generation through LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads

Step-by-step instructions for connecting LinkedIn Lead Gen advertisements to Salesforce. Leads are created directly in Salesforce when prospective customers fill out a form on your LinkedIn ad.


Continue to develop great offers, CTAs, landing pages, and forms – and promote them across multiple channels. You should keep in close contact with your sales team to ensure that high-quality leads are being passed on to them on a regular basis. Last but not least, you should never stop testing. As you tweak and test every step of your inbound lead generation process, the higher the quality of leads you will generate and the greater the revenue you will generate.

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