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Marketing Strategy: Does McKinsey do Strategy Consulting?

Deloitte’s strategy and operations consulting services combine deep industry knowledge, rigorous analysis, and insights to help senior executives solve their toughest and most challenging challenges.

What Does a Strategy Consultant Do?

As a strategy consultant, the first step to tackling a new project is to conduct an in-depth analysis of the business objectives and goals of the client. The objective of this analysis is to determine if the current practices are in alignment with the goals they wish to achieve. Based on the results of the consultants’ analysis, strategic recommendations will be provided that can be implemented in order to improve the performance of the company.

In addition, strategy consultants can provide clients with market research and competitive landscape expertise in order to enable them to make well-informed decisions that will benefit their business.

It may be possible for a company to receive guidance in the following areas by using the services of a strategy consultant:

  • Budgeting advice – best practices for reducing costs and increasing revenue.
  • Production strategies – Recommendations for improving the efficiency of production.
  • Management of opportunities – Identification of new revenue sources or product opportunities.

Additionally, as well as providing clients with sound recommendations, consultants may also be able to assist them in implementing those recommendations.

Strategy Consultation: What Is It?

The purpose of strategy consulting is to provide business leaders with an outside, expert perspective on their challenges. A strategy consultant is commonly expected to have the considerable industry knowledge and to analyze high-level business issues objectively. By taking a holistic approach, they assess specific problems companies are facing and provide advice on how to resolve them.

As a general rule, strategy consultants provide their clients with assistance for a specific period of time. During this time period, they are required to devote all their attention, effort, and time to a specific problem.

Tips for Succeeding in Strategy Consulting

Upon entering the consulting industry, you may be wondering what you can do to distinguish yourself from others.

Choosing a niche is the first step toward success in consulting. Are there any particular areas of business in which you are most knowledgeable? When it comes to solving problems, do you have any particular expertise? Consultants who are at the top of their field are able to leverage their expertise in order to deliver results for their clients. Whenever you enter a field, you should consider the value that you will bring to the organization.

Adding value to your clients is not sufficient if you wish to keep them coming to your business. You must demonstrate the value you provide to your clients in order to continue to attract new customers. Whether that is sharing valuable thought leadership content, case studies, or having a roster of testimonials from previous clients and projects, successful consultants must be able to demonstrate what value they contribute to their clients and why they are ideal candidates for client support.

So, Does McKinsey do Strategy Consulting?

According to McKinsey, “We help clients make better strategic decisions through a deeper understanding of corporate performance, value creation, macroeconomic forces, and global and local trends.”, so yes, they do Strategy Consulting.


Strategists serve an important purpose in the field of strategy consulting. In order to assist businesses in staying on track, the goal is to provide clarity to them. The path to success in this field is not easy, but if you possess the right education, relevant experience, and the ability to solve problems with strong problem-solving skills, you will be in a good position to succeed.

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