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Native Advertising

Everywhere you look, you will find advertisements. It is common to find them in search results, on websites, in apps, on social media platforms, and almost anywhere there is a digital channel. Ads are often regarded as an annoyance or even blocked because they are perceived as an inconvenience. The number of internet users who block advertising on their devices is expected to increase yearly, with more than 25% blocking advertising on their devices.

There is a solution to this problem in the form of a much more non-intrusive advertising technique known as native advertising. Businesses are increasingly turning to native advertising for marketing purposes.

How does native advertising work and why should you use it? What are the steps you need to take to begin using native advertising? Let’s examine this issue in more detail.

Native advertising: what is it?

Advertisers use native advertising as a form of paid media to promote their brands or to achieve direct response goals. Native advertising comprises ads that are seamless with the content of the page and are consistent with the platform’s behavior. In native advertising, the content is in accordance with the form, feel function, and quality of the platform on which it is displayed.

Native advertisements include the following examples:

  • Search results that are promoted,
  • Posts sponsored on social media, or
  • Websites that feature sponsored editorial content.

They are direct-pay opportunities, which means that brands pay to have their content displayed on platforms that are not owned by them.

Adverts that are native to a particular platform are quite different from those that are not. There are several characteristics that distinguish it from typical digital advertising.

  • In most cases, they are informational in nature and do not focus on products. For a native advertising campaign to be successful, the content must be useful, interesting, and highly relevant to the audience.
  • In addition, they are not intrusive. Because native ads are integrated into the flow of the page, they do not disrupt the user experience as much as display advertisements.

A key feature of native advertising is that it does not inhibit the user’s experience on the platform. By doing so, advertisers are able to display advertising content while still providing value to the reader.

The most commonly used native ads in content marketing are in-feed ads, such as sponsored posts on social media, search ads, which mimic the form and functionality of other search results, and paid blog posts.

Best practices for native advertising

When native advertising is not implemented properly, it will be less effective than other types of content. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your native ads, we have compiled a few best practices for you to follow.

Make sure you understand your consumers and target them appropriately

There is a high level of targeting in native ads. You must ensure that they are relevant to the people who are reading your content, otherwise, you risk not achieving the objectives of your advertising campaign. You must first understand your audience in order to achieve the best results with your targeting. Find out what problems your target audience is trying to solve, what information they are seeking, and anything else that would allow you to create content that is relevant to them. The following information will assist you in selecting the right publishers to target with your content.

The importance of content targeting in native advertising cannot be overstated. In contrast to traditional advertising, in which audience targeting is sufficient, it may be more important to target the content. It is essential that your content is delivered to the right audience, but it is equally important that your content takes into account the environment in which it is being used. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that your advertisement appears in high-quality publications as well. It does not matter how good your content is, your brand will not be perceived positively if your advertisement appears next to questionable material.

Provide compelling content to your audience

In native advertising, as in any advertising medium, the content of your ads is of paramount importance. In order to create a successful campaign, you must create the right content that will work with the website or platform on which the ad is placed, so that it engages the user and encourages them to complete the action you desire. The majority of customers who visit websites are looking for information that they can find insightful or valuable. So, ensure that your native ads provide them with what they are searching for. Advertising that is highly promotional stands out like a sore thumb and only serves to frustrate your audience. A native advertisement that adds value without pushing for conversion may not yield immediate results, but the credibility you build through useful native advertising will pay dividends over the long term.

Transparency is essential

Because native ads are ultimately advertisements, regardless of the format, they must comply with the same disclosure guidelines as traditional advertising. Transparency should be ensured in your advertisements. It is important that you do not try to deceive your audience or misrepresent the nature of your promotion. In order to accomplish this, you should prominently identify any sponsored or branded content. There is more to the importance of this than simply ensuring compliance. Your audience will not be tolerant of any deception of any kind.

Platforms that should be used

When choosing the platform for your native advertising needs, it is important to determine your needs. Native advertising platforms such as Taboola and Outbrain are two of the most popular options. If you wish to choose one of these or a combination of these, you may do so, depending on your campaign objectives. It is a good option if, for example, your objective is to generate a high volume of clicks or traffic. Taboola gets a lot of traffic. The daily budget of Outbrain might be a more appropriate choice for you if you have a limited budget.

Here is how to get started

It can be difficult to get started with native advertising if you are a novice. Your campaign goals must be determined, your target audience must be identified, you must find a native advertising platform, you must select the right publishers for your goals, and you must develop a relationship with them. A freelancer or freelance team may be able to assist you if your company’s staff does not have the expertise or resources to handle such work.

Final Thoughts

From setting up a campaign to creating the right native advertising content for your target audience, Fiverr’s native advertising freelancers can assist you throughout the process. To find the perfect freelancer to meet your needs, please visit the “Native Advertising” section on Fiverr.

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