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Product Demo Videos

Do you prefer watching a one-minute video or reading long paragraphs describing a new product? Most people prefer watching videos.  Ultimately, videos are entertaining and interesting.

Video product demos are powerful marketing and sales tools for this reason. By using them, you can attract your audience to take immediate action and effectively showcase your products.

An overview of product demo videos is provided in this guide.

How do Product Demo Videos work?

Demonstrations and demo videos explain how your product works and what people can do with it.

It’s a great way to attract customers by showing how your products can solve their problems.

Demo videos have the potential to increase your audience engagement, sign-ups, and conversion rates when done properly.

Which video strategy do you use for your demos?

Prior to recording your demo videos, you need to develop a solid video marketing strategy.

How do you solve the problem of your potential customers? What questions do viewers ask when watching a high-level demo video? Is there anything about what you sell that is unclear?

You can determine the crucial points for your product demo video by answering these questions.

Here’s one piece of advice you should never forget. You should pay attention to the channel on which you intend to publish your product demo videos. Facebook users behave very differently than LinkedIn users. Make sure your videos resonate with the users of the platform where you intend to publish them.

Demo video recording tips

Demo videos should go beyond demonstrating how a product works. Demo videos should also address how the viewers’ problems are solved, encouraging them to take action.

Here are some tips for creating great product demo videos.

1. Clarify your goals

Decide what you want your audience to do before you begin filming.

Is your goal for them to register for a new account, make a phone call, or use your coupon?

It is important to know what your video’s goals are before you begin creating it. There is an emphasis on directing your viewers to take the right action.

In order to increase your sign-ups, you should not ask your viewers to share your video. Instead, ask them to sign up.

2. Discuss the key features of the product

List all the features of your product or service that you want to highlight in your demo video.

Your product should not be covered in one video. Otherwise, it would be too lengthy and overwhelming.

Identify the key features your audience is looking for, and explain how they can improve their lives.

3. Tell a story

Your demo video can be influenced by a good story that stirs your viewers’ emotions, influencing them to act immediately.

Your audience should be able to relate to your story. They can relate to the story since they have been through it themselves.

Imagine you are a software company that sells tools to help product managers collaborate more effectively. If so, you can tell a story about how your software helped a product manager complete his project in half the time.

4. Simple is best

The best demo videos don’t require overly scripted setups or overly detailed scripts.

Video demos should be natural, understandable, and easily relatable to the audience.

Video product demos should demonstrate how your audience can benefit from your products. You may distract (or annoy) your audience if you add too many animations or effects.

5. Make sure the lighting and audio are appropriate

Demo videos must be clearly visible and heard for your viewers to fully appreciate what you’re offering.

When they watch your videos, you should give them the best possible experience. They may lose interest before they finish watching your demo video if they have to squint or lean closer to hear your audio.

Lighting and audio are crucial to the success of your product videos.

Professionals can also produce demo videos for you without buying the equipment yourself, giving you the quality, you need.


You can always hire video production professionals if you don’t have time to make the videos yourself.

Work with freelance video creators from around the world to leverage the power of outsourcing.

Find the best freelancer video creators on Fiverr to help you create a product demo that will engage your target audience, increase sales, or increase signups.

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