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An Easy Guide to Selling on eBay

The first eBay auction was held in 1995, just a year after Amazon was launched. Even so, the platform maintained its authority and status. The marketplace has evolved from a place where people can sell old and unwanted items to a place where a lot of businesses operate.

People from all over the world can connect on the platform. Regardless of the number of products sold, it provides a great way to earn money as a reseller with little investment. This guide below will teach you some tips on selling on eBay.

1. Make your items more profitable by learning how to price them

Learn how to price your items before posting them on eBay. A common mistake new sellers make is looking at retail value, active eBay listings, or what they paid for an item recently. If you expect to sell items at retail prices on eBay, you will be very disappointed.

2. Get a better score on your feedback

Feedback scores are assigned to eBay members based on their trading experience. Both buying and selling transactions are included in the number. As a community member, the more feedback you have, the more trustworthy and authentic you appear. Low feedback scores make it very difficult to get sales.

3. Make sure you have the right supplies

Although the internet may lead you to believe otherwise, you don’t need expensive equipment to sell on eBay. Before the “after eBay market” appeared with a plethora of listing tools, photography equipment, photo editing apps, and research tools, veteran sellers did just fine without the tools.

4. Be aware of the seller’s limitations

Sellers on eBay are subject to selling limits, but new sellers are subject to stricter limits. In order to prevent some level of fraud, eBay wants sellers to establish a positive selling history. There are account limits, category limits, and item limits for new sellers. It is possible to request higher selling limits once you have sold a few items.

5. Provide a fair return policy

Despite the eBay Guarantee, all sellers are required to offer a return policy, whether they want one or not. To ensure buyers feel confident purchasing on eBay, eBay guarantees a refund if an item isn’t as described or doesn’t arrive. If you are a seller, you want to outperform the competition and persuade a buyer to choose your listing over the competition. For a few reasons, a fair return policy does just that.

6. Should you offer free shipping?

This issue is divided into two camps. There is a fundamental divide among experienced veteran sellers on this issue. There’s no such thing as free shipping—you have to add the shipping cost to the item’s price. The most accurate and fairest way for both buyer and seller is to calculate shipping.

7. Problematic items should not be sold

Sadly, there are many unscrupulous and dishonest people waiting to take advantage of new eBay sellers. Be aware of their scams and do not fall victim to them. Stay away from high-risk items if you want to avoid getting scammed.

8. Sell your inventory (things)

From paper clips to automobiles, the average American home contains thousands of items. Without having to buy anything, you already have plenty to sell. Your home items may have value on eBay, but you don’t know which ones. Look up articles on completed listings as you go through your home. Don’t ignore anything, even if you don’t think it’s worth anything.

9. Make sure you choose the right type of listing

Do you prefer auctions or fixed prices? What is the better option? According to whom you ask, it depends. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. On eBay, auctions aren’t what they used to be, so make sure you start your auctions at a reasonable price, even if only one person bids. You may have to wait longer for a fixed-price listing to sell, but you can often get a higher price if you wait for the right buyer.

eBay is a great way to make some extra cash from the comfort of your own home. It is accessible to anyone, there are no barriers to entry, and eBay is a household word. Make sure you take the proper steps to educate yourself about selling on eBay by following this guide.

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