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Social Media Management: Do Influencers Have Social Media Managers?

As a result of uncovering the salary of Instagram influencers, it has become clear that there are some discrepancies in earnings. There are some content creators and influencers who earn more than others, even though they have the same number of followers and engagement rates.

Because of their management, these influencers earn a higher salary from brand deals, collaborations, and projects. Influencers and content creators who are successful have management. It may be part of an agency agreement, or it may be a result of hiring a trusted friend or relative to handle the ‘business side of their brand.

In many cases, managers are disliked because they take a percentage of your income from brand deals. Although they are essential to getting larger brand deals and better compensation since they will negotiate on your behalf. Your influencer manager knows exactly how much you should be earning for the work you perform. As a result of their extensive industry experience, they can also provide you with much-needed guidance and advice. Therefore, if you are undecided about whether you should hire a manager, here are some of the reasons you will need one as an influencer.

Content Creators Need Influencer Managers for 4 Reasons

The creators of content are like modern-day Cinderella, and managers are like the fairy godmothers who grant their wishes. In order to turn your pumpkin into a chariot, you will require the services of an influencer manager. Despite the fact that managers do not possess superpowers or have the power to grant wishes, they do offer a variety of tangible and intangible advantages to their employees.

1. Connect with industry leaders

It is common for influencer managers to have a large network of connections. Consequently, if you are interested in expanding beyond your present content into new fields, such as music, art, or business, they will be able to introduce you to industry leaders, so you do not need to navigate new fields alone. In addition, you can also gain access to events and networking opportunities that are not available to your peers who do not have managers.

2. Benefit from greater compensation and better deals

An influencer manager is primarily responsible for negotiating on behalf of the influencer they manage. In most cases, they are aware of what brands are willing to pay influencers for collaborations, so they are able to ensure that you are not being exploited or short-changed. When you are approached by brands, they are also there to guide you through the process so you are aware of what the contract you sign entails, how much compensation you will receive, and what the brands expect from you in return.

3. Spend more time focusing on your craft

The primary function of an influencer manager is to deal with the business aspects of your career, allowing you to devote more time to the creative aspects. It is exhausting to try and manage every aspect of your job as a content creator, and this can lead to emotional and physical burnout. A large portion of the work that is done behind the scenes is more complex than the creative aspects of the project and requires the services of professionals. The reason why content creators and influencers have teams of professionals assisting them ranges from editors and producers to business managers, lawyers, and accountants. It is impossible to fulfill each of these roles on your own.

4. Learn from industry experts

Like most influencers, you probably do not have a thorough understanding of how the industry operates. Corporations and brands will take advantage of your naivety and lack of experience to exploit you. You will receive advice on how to navigate the industry, how to improve your craft, and how to manage your workload with a component manager on your side. Furthermore, your manager may also be able to assist you with other aspects of the job, such as finding accountants to prepare your taxes and lawyers to ensure your interests are protected when signing contracts. Some influencer managers even serve as publicists and increase your exposure to a wide range of potential audiences.


As such, if you intend to become a full-time content creator, hiring a manager early on will allow you to focus on the aspects of your work that you enjoy, which will enable you to build an audience and achieve success as your favorite creators have.

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