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7 Steps to Start Facebook Page Designing from Home

In the 21st century, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Besides connecting people around the world, it also allows you to share your life events with others. Everyone desires to have an attractive Facebook page or profile. Posting and sharing experiences on Facebook is a favorite pastime. Businesses use Facebook pages to promote their products and brands.

They are able to connect with a large number of people and attract more customers. The process of designing a Facebook page isn’t easy. Professionals handle the job of designing pages for clients. Follow this guide and start FB page designing from home.

1.  The cover photo

A Facebook page’s cover photo is its focal point. In the case of a business page, it enhances the visual appeal and increases brand value by attracting fans and followers.

When users visit your page, the cover photo is usually the first thing they notice. The task of creating and choosing a cover photo, especially for company pages, can be challenging because it needs to appeal to users and also convey the brand’s values.

It is generally recommended that cover photos do not contain generic terms, special characters, or any unnecessary descriptions or qualifiers. It is recommended that the text in the cover photo does not take up more than 20% of the image. Followers shouldn’t be misled by any incorrect or deceptive content in the cover photo.

You should find innovative ways of designing cover photos that communicate well with the profile picture. To make your post look more attractive and relevant, place it below the cover photo.

2.  The posts you should pin

Facebook’s ‘Pin’ feature allows you to push your intended posts or content to the top of your timeline. Essentially, this will enable you to highlight some of the posts you find valuable or interesting.

3.  The tabs can be customized

Almost 12 custom tabs are available to you, allowing you to emphasize your unique selling proposition. It is better to present the tab with the most ‘likes’ first, and the one with fewer ‘likes’ should be placed at the bottom if you aren’t on Twitter or don’t have many followers there.

4.  Ensure that the design is creative and visually appealing

An effective social media page engages with the target audience and encourages them to share its content. Engaging Facebook pages with engaging content and visuals are more likely to get shared. Hence, you should be creative when it comes to your designs since creativity is the key to making your business successful.

Furthermore, in the case of businesses, the visuals should also be consistent with the customer’s preferences and expectations. In the case of brands, the page should also display the brand identity in addition to showcasing the products that they offer.

5.  It is essential to follow the rules when designing

It is crucial that your design adheres to the rules of the social media platform. Neither the profile picture nor the cover image should contain nudity, celebrities, obscene or threatening images, or copyrighted images.

You risk losing your client’s trust if your design violates the rules and guidelines, as well as risking the account being suspended. Before you begin designing, please review the Facebook page terms.

6.  Engage customers in conversation

There is a tendency for most people to ignore the task of interacting with their clients on social media. Engage your customers while they are browsing your Facebook page. In this way, you will increase your brand’s value and enhance your customers’ sense of trust.

In order to reach out to the target audience, you can send personalized messages. This feature can be used as part of your online customer service department as well as help you to discuss specific issues with your customers directly over the phone. Stay in touch with your customers and converse with them as much as possible. Customer feedback and reviews will help you improve your business prospects.

7.  Keep a record of your activities

Tracking the activity on your page is very important. You can choose your future posts carefully if you keep track of traffic and analyze reach and number of hits.

Thus, starting a FB page designing business from home can be a refreshing idea since it does not require much capital. A software developer or web page designer with experience can contribute to the industry in a more valuable way than one without knowledge. Your business will be favored if they come up with innovative designs.

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