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It is no secret that there is a lot of false and staged content in our rapidly changing digital world. There is a growing number of so-called influencers who are buying followers, staging their homes, and even renting sports cars and expensive clothes to look like what they think their followers want to see.

Do You Know About Confirmation Bias?

Behavioral psychologists use confirmation bias to describe our tendency to look for, favor and remember information that matches our own beliefs and mindsets.

In order to build trust and spark thought in followers, how can marketers create content?

Trust-Building and Eye-Opening Content Ideas

When the world is so overwhelming and filled with so much stimulation, we might use this mechanism as a survival mechanism to block it out. There are some positive aspects about it as well, but it can also keep us stuck if we allow it to. It is possible for marketers to help online followers and shoppers step out of their one-track view, as well as their confirmation bias, by providing them with honest and engaging content. Creating content that challenges viewers and readers to think differently.

1. Engage Your Brand with Genuine Influencers

People trust people more than they trust brands. It has been proven that influencer marketing is an effective method of marketing. It is critical for brands to vet their influencers and make sure they choose those who are honest and genuine. It is also important that they follow all legal disclaimers and share their real opinions. Companies can find influencers who are able to build long-term authentic relationships with them, and who can benefit their business. Those who are actually using the products or services that they sell.

2. Survey Your Audience

Your audience may not be the same as your target. You should make sure that you take the time to conduct regular surveys of your existing audience. Take a look at the ways in which you can improve the experience for your audience and followers. It might be that some buyers are not being served as well as they could be. Being self-aware of your mistakes and asking how you can improve builds a lot of trust in your brand. Your customers will take care of you if you take care of them.

3. Content Balance

Try not to push a sale at every turn. There is something ‘salesy’ about this, and it turns people off. If you are offering a great product or service, you are more than welcome to sell, but you should also include other types of content. Trust can be built through behind-the-scenes content, for example. Make sure you show the struggles of your business from time to time, not only the highlights. Personal content can be shared when it is appropriate and relevant.

4. Consistency

You need to be consistent with the quality of the products and services you offer to build trust. Everything from how your brand looks to how it makes people feel to what you say and how you say it matters in your marketing. While it is okay for your brand to grow and change over time, if you keep changing too much, people will lose trust. Make sure that your expectations are set and that they are met.

5. Stay on Task

The majority of social media marketing has stopped being social for the most part.

Make sure you engage your audience. Create a sense of community and relationships. You should schedule time to answer comments and questions and to start a conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience for their input and make your posts conversational.

As you build relationships with your audience, you will be able to tailor your content to meet a broader range of needs. There is so much that your audience will tell you, but are you paying attention to what they are saying?


In order to avoid confirmation bias and increase community engagement, follow these guidelines. Communicate with your audience in their language and tell them your story. Make sure you show you’re care, and you’ll have a piece of content that will both engage and captivate your audience.

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