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Updating Old Blog Posts

Fresh and relevant blog content is important, as you probably already know. It is common for older blog posts to lose relevance and traffic over time. Similarly, you should update your past blog posts as your slang or television show preferences change. You can decrease your overall site authority by having too many low-performing blog posts on your site.

Even the most popular blog posts can become less relevant over time. To ensure that your blog posts are all quality, you should periodically audit your content. Each time you review your content, you should take one of the following actions:

·        Do nothing and leave it as is

·        Rewrite or update the post

·        Remove the post

Content Audit Benefits

Reviewing and auditing your past content can be beneficial in several ways. The best way to improve your site’s overall SEO performance is to eliminate or revamp non-performing posts. It is important to add more targeted keywords, reformat the post, and add relevant metadata when updating or rewriting posts for SEO purposes. This will increase your chances of generating organic traffic from your revised post.

Auditing your blog content: Tips and Strategies

You will most likely want to leave your best-performing blog content alone when auditing your blog content. It is not necessary to alter articles that rank in the top positions for your desired keywords. Those blog posts that get little traffic are the ones you should pay attention to. If you are reassessing your past content, here are some tips and suggestions:

·        To evaluate the quality and performance of your posts, use an SEO crawler to scan your site. You can use this process to identify which posts are underperforming and resolve them first.

·        Determine what constitutes a quality post. Google defines quality posts as unique, relevant, user-friendly, and engaging. You should rewrite or remove any posts that do not meet these standards.

·        Content should not be duplicated. Consolidate similar content into a single post if you have multiple posts that are too similar. The old URLs should be redirected to the new post.

·        Your SEO performance improves when visitors spend more time on your page because of images and videos. Visual content could give you a boost if you lack it in your previous posts.

·        The performance of your page can be negatively affected by dead links and broken embeds. Update your posts by fixing and replacing these.


Quantity is not as important as quality. If you want to create quality content, remember that quantity is not as important as quality.

Keeping your blog up-to-date will hopefully help you improve your keyword rankings and traffic. If you are unsure, you can always hire a freelancer to perform an SEO audit.

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