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User Surveys

The key to business growth is understanding customer needs. You cannot gain an understanding of what consumers want based on hearsay and assumptions; rather, you must ask them.

Involving users in your customer service process can help you make informed decisions, ensure customer satisfaction, and identify improvements that need to be made. Throughout this article, we will do a deep dive into how user surveys can benefit your business.

Customer Surveys: What Are They?

The most popular way to collect user feedback is through customer surveys. These surveys aim to help businesses understand customer expectations, measure customer satisfaction, and measure interest in your brand or products. Your business plan can be shaped based on this data, and you can retain current customers and even attract new customers as a result.

How Do Customer Surveys Benefit Businesses?

Utilizing customer surveys offers the following benefits:

  • Understand your customers’ thinking: What do they think about? How can you meet their needs with your brand? How likely is it that they will continue to purchase from your business in the future? Asking is the only way you’ll find out. By conducting customer surveys, you can uncover growth opportunities and ways to improve the customer experience.
  • Decide what your business is mostly focused on: It is difficult to determine the primary priorities of your business based on assumptions alone. User surveys help you identify the best ways to spend your budget based on what your customers want. In addition, you are able to identify the main products or services that customers love and invest money into improving them.
  • Maintain customer loyalty: Profits can be increased by 25% to 95% with a 5% boost in customer retention. Keeping your existing customers is more significant than attracting new ones all the time. By conducting customer surveys, you can identify marketing strategies or incentives that will keep customers loyal to your company.

Making a Customer Survey the Right Way

Creating a successful customer survey involves a few main steps.

1. Make sure you ask the right questions

There should be a clear goal for any customer survey. Would you like feedback about a specific group of products or services? Is customer satisfaction or planned purchases something you’d like to learn more about? The answers you provide will help you create questions and achieve your research goals.

Fashion retailers can figure out their brand strategy by asking the following questions:

  • Are there any marketing campaigns you would like to see our brand undertake?
  • In order to remain relevant among consumers, what can fashion brands do?
  • How would fashion brands specifically be able to meet your needs?

Clarity and simplicity are essential in all questions. Keeping the survey short is also important; customers will not be motivated to complete it if it’s too long.

2. Create a survey

You can easily build a professional-looking survey with the right tools. Form creators such as Google Forms and Type form help you create user-friendly surveys and collect responses easily. After you’re done, your respondents can easily get the link to the form.

3. Incentive offers

Email or social media are easy ways to reach consumers — but will they respond? Email surveys have an average response rate of 24.8%, so most customers will ignore your online forms. By offering incentives like discounts or gift cards, you can increase your chances of getting responses.


A customer survey helps you identify the best ways for your business to succeed. We hope our quick guide has provided you with some insight on how to create a customer survey that is effective.

It is not always possible for everyone to design and distribute survey forms to respondents. Our recommendation is to contact Fiverr market research experts who can help you gain actionable insights from consumers.

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