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As long as you know what tasks you want to delegate to your virtual assistant, you can save quite a bit of time. Some tasks can only be handled by you, but we’re not discussing those tasks.

You can benefit a lot from these services if you are a CEO, a coach, or a consultant, through the ability to free yourself up to do the things you should be doing – strategizing, coaching, consulting, and not having to respond to a hundred emails every morning. In addition, they can help you spend more time with your family or enjoy hobbies.

Which tasks should you delegate to virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants can be hired on an as-needed basis without requiring an office space or full-time salary and benefits. Call in remote reinforcements to handle tasks such as data entry, bookkeeping, social media management, and meeting scheduling. Are you ready to get started? The following are a few things that are best delegated to a virtual assistant as soon as possible.

1. Bookkeeping

Don’t worry about recording every single financial transaction you make, but focus on bringing home the money instead. Having accurate bookkeeping allows you to make informed decisions about how to spend money and how to increase sales and clients. You will also find that it makes your life a lot easier come tax season because you will not have to spend hours and hours shuffling through piles of receipts or invoices to try to recall your income, expenses, and possible tax deductions.

2. Social media management

A great social media presence can turn customers from one-time buyers into lifelong customers because they are able to connect with your brand story, they feel heard, and since they see your social media posts and advertisements on a regular basis, you are always at the top of their minds. There may be times when it is difficult for you to come up with high-quality social media posts, and it might take time for you to interact with your followers or the people who post about your brand on social media – but social media is not meant to be a one-sided conversation where you post without listening or joining in with others. You can keep the conversation flowing with the help of a social media manager who is also able to create highly engaging content.

3. Scheduling meetings

Being part of the long email chain required to schedule meetings is the only thing worse than spending your day in meetings you could have had via email. You don’t want to waste your time suggesting dates, waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for responses, and then realizing you now have a conflict and have to start over isn’t the best way to spend it. It would be better for you to spend your time making sure you are prepared for the meeting, rather than organizing the actual meeting itself.

4. Data entry

No matter what you’re doing, whether tracking shipments, updating your customer relationship management (CRM) system, or transferring data into content management systems (CMS), data entry can be a pain. In spite of the fact that it’s tedious (read: boring), it still has to be done. As with bookkeeping, staying on top of things along the way is more efficient and effective than tackling a flood of content all at once. However, you do not have to be the one to do it – step away from the spreadsheets and focus on creating content, enhancing brand awareness, and building relationships instead.

5. Customer service

It is often the case that more sales mean more customer service inquiries. It is true that even the best brands make mistakes and have underwhelmed customers and clients every now and then, but what sets them apart from other brands is the fact that they are quick to respond to these mistakes and rectify them as quickly as possible. The use of a virtual customer service assistant can allow you to focus on improving your products and services, rather than having to handle calls, emails, and social media comments yourself. Are you ready to spend less time on activities that don’t add value to your business and more time on activities that do? It is just a click away to hire a freelance virtual assistant through Fiverr.


Please keep in mind that these are only a few of the tasks you may want to delegate to your virtual assistants. In addition to the above, VAs are also capable of doing a lot more. There is virtually no limit to what you can accomplish together if you find the right assistant and give them the right instructions.

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