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Finding the right voice-over artist is critical to the success of any audio production, whether it’s a video game, promotional video, or audio podcast. Since your brand’s voice will literally be embodied by the person you choose, you should choose carefully.

The voice-over artist (VO) has the potential to make a lasting impression and enhance the emotional impact of your project. On the other hand, one that is not quite right can often cause more harm than good. It can be helpful to know what criteria to look for when hiring a voice-over artist so you can narrow down your choices and hire the right person. The following six tips will assist you in getting started.

1. Take the Time to Understand What You Are Looking For

If you are tempted to jump right in and begin listening to demos, it is important to slow down and consider what you really need. To begin, make a list of the emotional characteristics that are associated with your brand. Consider, for example, whether you are seeking a humorous and playful individual. Can you recommend a person who will evoke feelings of security and stability in you?

Once you begin looking for voice-over talent, you will be able to narrow down your choices according to the emotions that are most likely to be evoked.

2. Take A Look at Plenty of Demos

In order to demonstrate the quality of their work, an experienced voice-over artist will have a number of demos. If you are considering a particular artist, be sure to listen to at least a few of their recordings. By doing so, you can get a feel for their range and versatility as well as determine whether the type of work they have done is likely to be appealing to your target audience. You have a wide choice of voice-over artists to choose from, so check out at least a few before making a final decision.

3. Identify Your Target Market and Conduct a Test

When you have selected a few artists you like, you should conduct some research in order to determine whether they are truly appealing to your target market. The answer to this question should be clear after a few tests, especially if you are trying to reach a smaller, local audience. If you are running a national campaign with large audiences, however, you will need to devote more time to the testing phase.

4. Find Out If the Service Is Available

You should confirm the availability of your voice-over artist if you are planning to hire them for ongoing work. There is a possibility that you will need to work with them over the course of several months, a year, or even longer in this case. As a client, you do not want to embark on a new project with a great VO artist only to discover too late that he or she will not be able to meet your ongoing needs. It is important to inquire about this upfront in order to avoid any disappointment in the future.

5. Request A Quote and Rates

While price should not be the only determining factor, the rates of a VO artist can help you determine whether they are a good fit for your project. It is expected that an expert will offer reasonable rates that are in accordance with industry standards.

It is also important to listen for clues that the artist has knowledge of the industry when soliciting quotes. There may be discussions regarding buyout options, usage periods, and other factors that will impact the final price, for instance.

6. Make A Long-Term Commitment

In conclusion, it is important to take a long-term approach to select your voice-over talent. In addition to considering the artist’s suitability for your brand in the short term, you should also consider how the artist will fit with your brand in the long run. You want to select someone whose values align with those of your brand and who will represent you well into the future. Customers become attached to a brand’s voice, so you must pick someone whose values align with those of your brand.

Final Thoughts

Following your understanding of the basics of how to hire a voice-over artist, you are ready to begin exploring your options! We have a wide selection of talented voice-over artists available for you to choose from.

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