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As the workforce evolves, freelancers are expanding their skill sets to remain competitive in the market. There is, however, a more pressing concern for employers when it comes to the specificity of the skills that freelancers possess. In some cases, you may need a graphic designer but not enough to justify hiring one on a full-time basis.

The obvious solution? Get a freelancer on board.

You can then hire another freelancer with those skills when the next short-term project comes around, for example, when you need the skills of an app developer for a short-term project, by hiring another freelancer with those skills. In this case, it makes more sense to hire a part-time employee than to hire a full-time employee.

Even though hiring a freelancer may seem like a fairly quick process, it may take you some time to find the right freelancer to accomplish the specific task at hand or if you need something done right away. An example of a welcoming process can be found here.

The Right Way to Begin a Freelance Collaboration

Now is the time to onboard your freelancer. As part of the creation process, we need to make sure that we connect authentically with them, give them the information they need to do their job well, and establish a method for maintaining communication.

1. Make your welcome message stand out

Getting to know the freelancer directly is the first step in building a relationship. Please let them know you are excited about the partnership, tell them how they can contact you during the workflow, and explain how this gig fits into a larger project or business goal you have in mind. You will be able to receive better assistance from the freelancer if you provide more details.

2. Describe the specifics of the project

The foundation of a gig is an assignment brief. In these instructions, you will be able to specify exactly what you would like produced, what you need, and whom the digital service is intended for (like Digital Marketing or Video & Animation).

It is almost impossible for this document to become too long, so feel free to share as much information as you wish! Please share any company-specific branding strategies, writer’s guidelines, editorial calendars, workflow documents, or project timelines that you have in place. Fiverr makes it easy to upload PDFs.

3. Make a phone call

Does your freelancer need to attend a team call? If you would like to send a quick note with the topic, time, and a number of your call, you can do so via the messaging feature on the Fiverr platform.

A lengthy, detailed project can also be reviewed regularly by setting up regular check-ins. In this case, if a project is expected to last six months, weekly calls can help ensure that things are moving in the right direction on schedule and that everything is on track.

4. Timeline sharing

In the absence of a specific document, you can simply send a message. It is important for every freelancer to know their deadline(s). It may be necessary to outline multiple deadlines for a segmented and staged project. More information is better!

Your freelancer can also be looped in on greater content needs using a timeline. The timeline should include details about future services that will be needed if the current gig is part of a campaign. Freelancers can easily let you know if they are available to take on your upcoming projects this way.


Instead of hiring full-time employees, companies are increasingly hiring freelancers. In hiring freelancers for projects, it is cheaper for companies to hire freelancers since they only have to pay them for the services they provide. Using freelancers more frequently could be one of the fundamental reasons for this trend.

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