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What Is Augmented Reality

The concept of augmented reality (AR) goes beyond novelty. In industries from entertainment to manufacturing, it has become a game-changer and will continue to play a major role in modern life for years to come. Discover what AR is and how it’s being used right now by reading about it.

Augmented Reality: What Is It?

In augmented reality, computer-generated images are superimposed over the real world via photo or video cameras, such as those found in smartphones, to create an enhanced experience. In contrast to VR (virtual reality), augmented reality creates an entirely artificial world in which the user can interact with it.

Consider viewing your living room with a digital raccoon overlayed onto it, making it appear as if the animal is sitting on your floor, for example. In its simplest form, this is augmented reality. There are numerous applications for AR, ranging from games to education to productivity, in every industry imaginable — in everything from entertainment to tourism to healthcare.

There is a good chance that you have already seen AR in action, especially if you watch sports. Some of the earliest AR applications are the yellow first-down marker in NFL football broadcasts and the short-lived tail behind fast-moving hockey pucks during televised NHL ice hockey matches.

Apps that use Augmented Reality

Integrated applications of augmented reality and specialized augmented reality apps are readily available today. Augmented reality has become a game-changer in many sectors, whether it’s smartphone games or office productivity tools. A few examples of real-world AR are shown below.


AR can enhance games or even be used exclusively in them. Pokémon Go is the most well-known example. Players in this game travel around their real-world environment, which informs the game what should be displayed in the corresponding virtual environment by their real-world surroundings. There are real-world poke stops and gyms that are waiting for virtual interactions. Moreover, Pokémon characters can also be projected into the real world.

Real Strike, an AR first-person shooter game for smartphones, is another popular example. Players can roam the world fighting and shooting as they superimpose targets, enemies, and weapons onto the camera’s real-world video.

Social Media and Web Meetings

Social media apps and web meeting apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Zoom also use augmented technology to create filters. When chatting, taking photos, or recording videos, users can insert funny faces or alternate environments, or even alter facial features in real time.


In addition to entertaining, augmented reality can improve learning and make the material more accessible and engaging for students. For instance, take a look at Photomath. With this app, students can scan tricky math problems and watch as the app explains the solution right on their smartphones, which will help them learn more quickly.


In critical manufacturing situations such as airplane manufacturing, augmented reality is being used to improve accuracy and speed up manual tasks. The Skylight by Upskill smart glasses help technicians navigate complex workflows, access reference materials, and view instructions hands-free.


Navigation can be made easier by using augmented reality apps, not only on the road but also in warehouses and other work environments. An AR GPS Compass, for example, superimposes navigational aids such as compasses onto the camera’s image in order to assist the user in finding their way around. Similarly, warehouse workers can use AR-enabled smart glasses to navigate quickly to an item on the shelf and even point to it.

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